Drone Intelligence Services provides our clientele with high resolution aerial imagery using state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs). We help our clients gather data on their property, buildings, vineyards, pastures, fields, plant infrastructure, and other areas which may be difficult to access.

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Intelligence means Acquiring Data, Analyzing It, and Providing Information. Knowing enables informed decisions

Site Management Survey Support

We support industrial site managers, real estate and property managers, site surveyors, building and infrastructure service providers, and safety and security companies.

Area Mapping and Survey Support to Municipalities

Our services provides towns and municipalities with surveillance and documentation on vacant properties and lots, parks and recreation facilities, public building campuses, water towers, water treatment and sewage treatment plants.

Precision Scanning and Condition Detection

High stacks, roofs, steep slopes, and facades are safely and easily accessed by our robotic "drone." Unmanned Aerial Systems have the most sophisticated robotic capabilities in the industry. We provide precision scans and imagery products, and exclusively use 3D Robotics systems and components.

Real Estate Survey and Documentation

Aerial imagery and panorama "walkthroughs" help you gain that unique perspective needed to document and sell your property. Our systems provide the detail you need to make a lasting impression . We also create customized 3D walkarounds that you simply cannot get with on-line earth or map programs.

Agricultural/Horticultural/Orchard/Vineyard Health Surveys

Using programmed survey missions, we can provide multi-spectral products for plant health analysis. Drones are rapidly revolutionizing the means by which early crop/field disease detection is accomplished. In a few hours, hundreds of acres can be surveyed, and a multi-spectral image can available for analysis in near-real time.

Thermographic Services Including Thermography Drone Flights

Need to find leaks and heat loss? We have a solution using an IR imaging sensor-structure or area "thermographic" survey.

The Drone Intelligence Team

An experienced team - we work well in any client setting

David Folts, LtCol USAF (ret)

Vice President and Pilot in Command

1. FAA-licensed Private Pilot in single-engine land airplanes; trained in the complex and difficult to operate-in Houston area airspace under a FAR Part 141 structured curriculum for professional pilots. 2. FAA certified Remote Pilot under FAR Part 107 rules for operation of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) in the National Airspace System. 3. Flying and experimenting with small UAS (sUAS) for 5 years. 4. We have a pending Certificate of Authorization to fly sUAS Beyond-Line-of-Sight as well as night operations in Baytown and Beaumont. 5. Remote piloting/operation of sUAS depends heavily on programmed flight plans and ground control of the vehicles via computers or tablets – these operations draw heavily on my 13 years of USAF experience operating space satellites via computer systems and global ground system networks. Space satellites are the ultimate in remote piloting.

Dr SIlvia Folts

President and Director of Client Relations

Dr. Silvia Folts is an experienced instructional designer and holds a Doctorate in Education from the University of San Francisco specializing in Distance Learning. Aside from Directing the DIS business, she assists in developing operational procedures, operating manuals, and serves as a mission coordinator/planner/spotter during flight operations. Silvia is the primary manager of customer relationships.


Practical applications of small Unmanned Aerial Systems technology - aimed at improving your bottomline

Why Drone Intelligence Services?

With our UAVs, we can do many labor intensive things that are potentially dangerous to personnel. Surveying flare stacks, radio towers and steep high roofs are but three examples of “why we are doing this” business. Cost avoidance of scaffold erection and eliminating dangerous climbs to high heights are but one example of our value-add offer. Our UAVs can accurately scan and survey from overhead of a field or orchard, from the side of large, tall industrial structure, and repeatedly, and exactly revisit areas of interest to document change.

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